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MR.SIVARAMAN & MR.SRIKANTH of 2008 Batch has presented a paper titled “E-Touch – A Hardwired Keyboard for Visually Impaired” at International Conference on 2007 world congress in computer science, computer engineering and applied computing at LasVegas, USA, 25-28 June 2007. The Management has sponsored Rs.53, 831/- for the same.


Mr.VAIIBHAV MUGUNDAN of 2009 Batch has presented a paper titled “HAILSTORM-A Revolutionary Method for data transfer” at THE 2008 WORLD CONGRESS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE (WORLDCOMP’08) at LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA 14 – 17 JULY 2008. The Management has sponsored Rs.56, 000/- for the same.


Mr.R.NATARAJAN of 2009 Batch has presented a paper titled “ASTHRA-An Automated Robotic Vehicle for the Disabled Patients using Embedded Systems” at THE 4TH INTERNATIONAL IEEE COLLOQUIUM on SIGNAL PROCESSING and its APPLICATIONS (CSPA 2008) 7-9 MARCH 2008, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA. The Management has sponsored Rs.13, 833/-for the same.


Mr.C.S.ASHWIN, Mr.S.RAMACHANDRAN & Mr.K.R.RANGARAJAN of 2011 batch presented the paper titled “DISANCE – BRAIN MAPPED MOBILITY FOR PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED” in the 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE of software engineering and data mining(SEDM) 2010 at CHENGDU CHINA held on 23 – 25 June 2010. The Management has sponsored Rs.30, 000 for the same.


Mr.S.APARAJITH, Mr.M.L.NAARAYAN, Mr.S.VINODH of 2011 Batch has presented a paper titled “AEGIS TACITURN”- at THE 5TH INTERNATIONAL ACM CONFERENCE on UBIQUITOUS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION (ICUIMC 2011) 21-23 FEBRUARY 2011, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA. The Management has sponsored Rs 51,915/- for the conference.


MR.A.V.JOSHI KUMAR, MR.S.MOHANRAJ & MR.T.MADHAN PRABHU of 2012 batch presented a paper “A Pragmatic Approach to aid visually impaired people in reading, visualizing and understanding textual contents with an automatic electronic pen” in an International Conference on IEEE conducted by CSAE’11 at China, during 10 – 12th June 2011. The management has sponsored Rs.62,239/- for the same.


M.PRASANTH of 2012 batch presented a paper titled “Medicare Cloud” in the 6th Annual Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) held at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA on October 26-27, 2011. The management has sponsored Rs.43, 795/- for the same.

R.RANJITH, E.YOKESH & R.PRASANNA of 2014 batch presented their paper titled “Regulating bus management system in cloud platform” in the International Conference on e-education, e- business, e-management, and e-learning held at Dubai UAE. The conference proceedings are published in IJEEEE and the same is indexed in Google Scholar and Engineering and Technology Digital Library. The management has sponsored Rs.43, 000 /- for the same.

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