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Department Events

Project Exhibition 2010

The PROJECT EXHIBITION 2010 was organized with Mr.Kumara Bala Subramanian, Project Manager, TCS, Chennai has been a judge and the students are awarded for the best projects.

Department Seminars

The Department organises around 50 Guest Lectures, 40 Seminars, 120 Workshops and more Training Programmes and also a National Level Symposiums (SAITECHCELLENCE) during every academic year.

Dr. Padmanabhan Ramasamy, Director, NexGtech Research Labs, Channai delivered a Seminar on ”Skills Empowerment” for the Students.

Guest Lectures

Guest Lecture on ”Future Trends of IT” by Mr. Pathy Lakshmi Narayanan, Deputy Client Director, British Telecom,TCS, Chennai.
Guest lecture on "Unix Operating System" by Dr. T. G. Sambanthan, Prof & Head, NITTTRC, Taramani for II and III year students

Guest lecture on “Challenges in wireless Networks” by Dr.Padmanabhan Ramasamy, Associate Vice-President, Advanced Learning Centre, Wipro Technologies, Chennai.
The department has conducted a Guest Lecture on “A Software Technology in Agile Methodology” on 7.01.09. The session was handled by Mr.S.Pandiarajan, Project Manager, TCS, Chennai. He explained about every aspect of software methodology and the latest technologies used in software engineering.

1D PremShankar
K SibiChakravarthy
IIIPaper Presentation17/07/15Prince Dr K Vasudhevan College of Engg & TechII
2Krithika AnusudhaIIICode debugging24/07/15Sri Sairam Institute of TechnologyII
3M Suman
A Venkatesh
IIIQuiz24/07/15Sri Sairam Institute of TechnologyII
4L Vignesh
G Mohan Raj
IIIQuiz24/07/15Sri Sairam Institute of TechnologyIII
5R Kiran
K Nivedha
IIIPaper Presentation25/07/15Loyola - ICAM College of Engineering TechnologyI
6D B Hemamalini V K AgathiyaIVPaper Presentation25/07/15Loyola - ICAM College of EngineeringIII
7Varsha Rohini P R ShreyaIIIPaper Presentation8/8/2015S A Engineering CollegeIII
8L Vignesh S VigneshIIIQuiz10/8/2015Sri Sairam Engineering College (CSE Dept)III
9Sudhakar Udhaya KUmarIIICoding & Debugging10/8/2015Sri Sairam Engineering CollegeIII
10Pavithra Devi RadhikaIIIPaper Presentation14/08/15Prathyusha Engineering CollegeII
11Sudhakar MIIIMathematica l Quiz14/08/15Prathyusha Engineering CollegeIII
12Varsha Rohini P R ShreyaIIIPaper Presentation17/08/15RMK College of Engineering & TechnologyI
13Varsha Rohini P R ShreyaIIIDebugging17/08/15RMK College of Engineering & TechnologyII
14Varsha Rohini P R ShreyaIIIADZAP17/08/15RMK College of Engineering & TechnologyIII
15Shivaranjani T Subathra PIIIPaper Presentation18/08/15Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering CollgeII
16Pavit SIVQuiz22/08/15Velammal Engineering CollegeIII
17P R Shreya
V Varsha Rohini
IIIPaper Presentation31/08/15RMK Engineering CollegeI
18Latha Lavanya SIIIPaper Presentation31/08/15RMK Engineering CollegeI
19Sai Sruthi PriyankaIIPaper Presentation3/9/2015DMI College of EngineeringIII
20A L Solai
S Jayashree
IIIWeb designing8/9/2015St Joseph's College of EngineeringIII
1S.RamLaxmi Shasmita N.MalavikaIIIPaper Presentation17.7.13JNN institute of EnggI
2S.Gomathy ParvathiIIIPaper Presentation17.7.13JNN institute of EnggII
3N.MalavikaIIIPaper Presentation17.8.13Valliammai engineering collegeI
4Ranjith YokeshIVPaper Presentation23.8.13Sri Venkateshwara College of EngineeringI
5Ranjith YokeshIVPaper Presentation30/8/13Sri Sai Ram Institute of TechnologyI
6S.RamLaxmi Shasmita N.MalavikaIIIPaper Presentation30/8/13Sri Sai Ram Institute of TechnologyIII
7Ranjith YokeshIVPaper Presentation2-7
Sathyabama UniversityI
8Ranjith YokeshIVPaper Presentation16/09/13R.M.K College of Engineering and TechnologyI
9Ranjith YokeshIVPaper Presentation16/09/13R.M.K. College of Engineering and TechnologyI
10Ranjith YokeshIVPaper Presentation20.9.13VELS universityII
11Ranjith YokeshIVPaper Presentation21.9.13M.N.N.Jain CollegeI
12R.Gowrishangar Aadil adamIVPaper Presentation27.9.13Anand Institute of Higher TechnologyI
13Ranjith YokeshIVProject-SANGARSH
Cape Institute of Technology
Samsung Galaxy Tab
14Ranjith YokeshIVProject-IIIT Hyderabad and UMOTop 10 finalists
15Aditya G Ashwin KIII APaper Presentation25.1.14SMK Fomra Institute of TechnologyIII
16Sivasubramanian S Ashwin MIII CPaper Presentation25.1.14Loyola iCam Engineering CollegeIII
17Sivasubramanian S Ashwin MIII CMind Bender25.1.14Loyola iCam Engineering CollegeI
18Sivasubramanian S Ashwin M
S Sushil K Suresh
P Senthil Kumar S Arvindh
III CTechnical Ad zap25.1.14Loyola iCam Engineering CollegeI
19P Senthil Kumar S ArvindhIII BMind Bender25.1.14Loyola iCam Engineering CollegeII
20Malavika Ramlakshmi ShasmithaIII APaper Presentation-SRM UniversityI
Name of student
Year / Sec
1Ms.Sai Priya Ms.Gayathri VIII Yr B III Yr ADebugging20.8.12R.M.D Engineering collegeII
2Vijaya Lakshmi R.VIV Yr AMock Interview21.8.12Dhanalakshmi College of EngineeirngII
3Ms.Manjula devi Ms.Vishnu PriyaIV Yr A IV Yr ADebugging24.8.12S.A.Engineering CollegeI
4Ms.Manjula devi Ms.Vishnu PriyaIV yr A IV Yr AQuiz24.8.12S.A.Engineering CollegeI
5Ms.Sai Priya Ms.Gayathri VIII Yr B III Yr APaper Presentation24.8.12Sai Ram Institute of TechnologyII
6Mr.Ujjwal Thakkar Mr.SubramanianIV Yr A IV Yr APaper Presentation24.8.12S.A.Engineering CollegeII
7Ranjith RIII Yr APaper Presentation3.9.12Sri Venkateswara college of engineeringI
8Aadil AdamIII Yr APaper Presentation3.9.12Sri Venkateswara college of engineeringII
9Gowri sankarIII Yr APaper Presentation3.9.12Sri Venkateswara college of engineeringII
10R.DivyaIV yr BPaper Presentation22.8.12S A Engineering CollegeII
11Pooja SanthosiIV yr BPaper Presentation22.8.12S A Engineering CollegeII
12R.DivyaIV yr BPaper Presentation23.8.12S A Engineering CollegeII
13Naveen B R Raja Vendan KP Addil Adam EIII Yr ASkit6.10.12Sri Sai Ram Engineering College
Non-Violence Day
14R.Vijayalakshmi Subhasini SureshIII Yr APaper Presentation8.10.12R.M.K Engineering CollegeI
Cash Rs.2500
15Ms.Ashwini Ms.Ashwini MaryIII YrPaper Presentaion7.2.13Adhi Parasakthi College of EngineeringII
16Ms.Ashwini Ms.Ashwini MaryIII YrQuiz7.2.13Adhi Parasakthi College of EngineeringI
17Mr.Ranjith Mr.YogeshIII YrPaper Presentation9.2.13R.M.D Enginerring CollegeI
18Ms.Swathi Ms.Monica Ms.J.PoojaIII YrDumb Charades11.2.13Anna UniveristyII
19R.DivyaIVPaper Presentation13.2.13Meenakshi Sundarajan Engg, CollegeI
20Alice JosephineIVPaper Presentation13.2.13Meenakshi Sundarajan Engg, CollegeI
21R.DivyaIVDebugging13.2.13Meenakshi Sundarajan Engg, CollegeIII
22R.DivyaIVDebugging16.2.13Meenakshi Sundarajan Engg, CollegeIII
23Mr.RanjithIII YrPaper Presentation23.2.13Prince shri Venkateswara Padmavathy Engg CollegeI
24Mr.YogeshIII YrPaper Presentation23.2.13Prince shri Venkateswara Padmavathy Engg CollegeI
Pooja Santhoshi
IVDebugging23.2.13Prince Shri Bhavani College of EnggII
Pooja Santhoshi
IVPaper Presentation23.2.13Prince Shri Bhavani College of EnggII
27Mounic Kumar Sabarivel AIIIPaper Presentation24.2.13Sri Krishna College of TechnologyI
28R.KanmaniIIIPaper Presentation1.3.13Sri Lakshmiammal Engg CollegeIII
29S.VaishnaviIIIPaper Presentation1.3.13Sri Lakshmiammal Engg CollegeIII
30S.KrithikaIIIPaper Presentation1.3.13Sri Ramanujar Engg CollegeII
31V.KasthuriIIIPaper Presentation1.3.13Sri Ramanujar Engg CollegeII
32Mr.Ranjith Mr.YogeshIII YrPaper Presentation2.3.13Panimalar Institute of TechnologyI
Name of the Guest
11.02.11Guest lectureTriggering Innovation Through ResearchMr.N.Subramanian,CEO & Managing Director,
TRS Forms & Services Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.
21.1.2011SeminarDatabase ConceptsMr.Chandrakumar
Information Tech Analyst,
TCS, Chennai.
30.12.1SeminarWeb ServicesDr.Ramachandran
Department of Information Science & Technology
Anna University, Chenna
22.12.10SeminarCloud Computing & its SecurityMr.Sivakumar Kathiresan,
Senior specialist,
Wipro Technologies,
30.6.10SeminarSkills EmpowermentDr.Padmanaban Ramasamy,
Nexgtech research Labs,
03.02.10Guest lectureUnix Operating SystemsDr.T.G.Sambanthan,
Ministry of Human Resource and Development,
Gov of India
12.3.10SeminarMulti Neuron Inter connectivity & High performance ComputingProf.Venkateswaran,
WARAN Research Foundation
30.6.10SeminarSkills EmpowermentDr.Padmanaban Ramasamy,
Nexgtech research Labs,
07.01.09SeminarMr.S.PandiaRajan, Project Manager, TCS, ChennaiA Software Technology in Agile Methodology
17.02.09SeminarDr.Padmanaban Ramasamy, Head, Motorola Polar Lab, BangaloreWireless Networks
15.7.09SeminarMr.Pathy lakshminarayanan, Deputy client director,British telecom,TCS, ChennaiFuture Trends of IT
22.7.09SeminarDr.Padmanaban Ramasamy, Research head,Motorola,Bangalore3G&4G Wireless technology
24.7.09Guest LectureMr.Anand Technical head, IFX Solutions Ltd,ChennaiGraphics & Multimedia
3.8.09Guest LectureMr.M.Gnana Sekar Head, G-Mac Technologies, ChennaiPractical approach on network devices
15.7.09Association Inauguration and SeminarFuture Trends of ITMr.Pathy lakshminarayanan,
Deputy client director,British telecom,TCS,
22.7.09Guest lecture3G&4G Wireless technology Dr.Padmanaban Ramasamy,
Research head,Motorola,Bangalore
24.7.09WorkshopGraphics & MultimediaMr.Anand,Technical head, IFX Solutions Ltd,Chennai.
3.8.09WorkshopPractical approach on network devicesMr.M.Gnana Sekar,
Head, G-Mac Technologies,
31.12.09Guest lectureEmbedded SystemsMr.K.SenthilKumar,
Research & development,
S.K.R.Engineering College
18.7.07Guest LectureEmbedded SystemsMr.T.V.Sathish, Clariant Tech
08.08.07SeminarPractical Applications Of Image Editing And Animation SoftwaresMr.S.Sadiq, Technical Head, IFX Solutions Ltd.
28.8.07SeminarIntroduction To JavaMr.Anjan, Faculty Head, NIIT,Mylapore, Chennai
23.1.08Guest LectureUNIX Operating SystemDr.T.G.Sambanthan, NITTTRC Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Gov of India
20.2.08Paper PresentationKnowledge Dissemina-tion –Young Budding TalentsThe Final Year and Third Year Students
12.3.08Guest LectureNext Generation Wireless NetworksDr.Padmanaban Ramasamy, Sr.Consultant, Wireless &Telecom(ATL), Wipro Technologies
14.7.08Association Inauguration and SeminarChallenges in Wireless NetworksDr.Padmanaban Ramasamy, Associate Vice President, Advanced LearningCentre, Wipro Technologies, Chennai
14.7.08Association Inauguration and SeminarSimulation in Wireless NetworksDr.K.Kadiravan, Prof & Head/IT Easwari Engg College, Chennai
15.7.08Work shopWireless TechnologiesMr.M.Gnana Sekhar, Head, G-Mac Technologies, Chennai
15.7.08Work shopPractical Session on Wireless NetworkingMr.M.Gnana Sekhar, Head, G-Mac Technologies, Chennai
30-7-08SeminarWired Network ConceptsMr.S.Anjan, Head, Vectra Technosoft , Chennai
27-8-08SeminarOpen SourceMr. T.Pradip Kumar Head, Training Division, Advantage Pro

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