Academic Excellence

Some of the outstanding Contributions for improving academic excellence are

Internsmela – Empowering Students through Industry-Academia Collaboration

With a vision to bridge the gap between academia and industry, Internsmela offers an exceptional platform for students to gain practical experience, develop industry-relevant skills, and enhance their employability. By offering internship opportunities, skill development, and industry exposure, the program empowers students to excel in the IT sector. Internsmela’s focus on practical experience, networking, and mentorship creates a strong foundation for students’ future careers. This commendable initiative demonstrates the college’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals and fostering industry-academia collaboration.

MoU – IBM, Build HR,Huawei , Microsoft, TEQUED LABS, Imarticus Learning Pvt. Ltd

Through these partnerships, students benefit from enhanced industry exposure, practical training opportunities, and access to state-of-the-art resources. These collaborations also provide a platform for faculty members and industry professionals to exchange knowledge, conduct research, and contribute to technological advancements. Overall, these MOUs contribute to the holistic development of students, aligning their education with industry requirements and fostering their employability in the ever-evolving IT sector.

Value-added Courses – Cisco, AWS, PEGA, Oracle Academy, Salesforce, Redhat Academy and many more.

Additional educational offerings that go beyond the core curriculum and provide students with supplementary skills, knowledge, and experiences. These courses are designed to enhance students’ overall learning experience, expand their horizons, and provide them with a competitive edge in their chosen field of study or in the job market.