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S. No.Faculty NameProduct NameApplication NumberStatus
1Dr. G. AdilineMacrigaMouse with Integrated fingerprint scanning unit350965-001Filed
2Dr.M.SureshkumarIOT based Energy Management System in MicroGrid using LORAWAN202141049030 APublished
Ms. P.Padma
Intelligent garbage collections and alarm system based on the internet of things202141042815Published
4Dr.S.SusilaSakthyHybrid Statistical model to Distribured server on cloud computing Environment202131042186Published
5Ms.S.Sheeba Rachel, Ms.J.JulieGesture Based Anti-Rape Device202141037955Published
6Dr.M.SureshkumarSmart Women Safety Detecting Wrist band345982-001Granted
7Dr. T. SheelaA Robotic Cleaning Device350505-001Filed
8Dr. G. AdilineMacrigaMouse with Integrated Fingerprint Scanning Unit350965-001Filed
9Dr. T. SubhaAn Input Device for Touch Sensitive Devices350622-001Filed
10Dr. R. RanjanaBicycle Storage Rack Using Solar Light as Power Source350756-001Filed
11Ms. VKG. KalaiselviSteering Lock for Car Wheel350967-001Filed
12Dr. S. SankariAn Electric Vehicle Charger351532-001Published
13Dr. Soma PrathibhaA Foldable Electric Vehicle351533-001Filed
14D.ThamizhselviAn Investigation into the factors that influence the IOT -based smart Hospital Design202141045557Filed
S. No.Faculty NameProduct NameApplication NumberStatus
1Ms. S. GomathiMy Guider Application System202041027895Published
2Dr.M.SureshkumarVoice Based Alerting And Assisting Tool For Visually Challenged202141005842Published
3Ms. B. Kamala3600 Cradle Sitter – A Toddler Monitoring System for Smart Cradle Using IoT and AI202141006077Published
4Dr.M.SureshkumarBlood Leakage Detection during Self-Dialysis202141018776Published
5Ms. V. K. G. KalaiselviIoT Based HardwarePlatformfor Crypto Algorithm Analysis202041050020 APublished
Dr. J. Vijayalakshmi
6Dr.M.SureshkumarIOT Based Automated Toilbots202041045366 APublished
S. No.Faculty NameProduct NameApplication NumberStatus
1Ms. S. Juno Bella Gracia
2Ms. S. Juno Bella GraciaSemi-Automatic Water Pump Controller201911033304 APublished
3Ms.J.VijayalakshmiAmmonia Gas Leakage Monitoring System Using IOT201941038241Published
4Dr.S.SankariA Smart Walking Gadget For Visually Impaired People201941038259Published
5Dr. T.P. RaniNeck-Care – Early Warning System to Prevent Neck Pain201941045056Published
6Dr.T.SheelaAn Assistance System for Persons With Disabilities201941000316Published
7Dr. T. SubhaA Device for Reaping Fruit On A Tree202041006805Granted
Dr. R. Ranjana
S. No.Faculty NameProduct NameApplication NumberStatus
1.Dr. T.P. RaniTrust Aware Replica Detection Using Localization and Unique Identity in Wireless Sensor Networks201841002060Published
S. No.Faculty NameProduct NameApplication NumberStatus
1Dr. G. Adiline Macriga,Artificial Voice Synthesizer Using Fuzzy Logic- The Translator For Dumb201741025774Under Examination
2Dr. Soma PrathibhaA Novel System for Early Flood Warning201741025771Registered
3Dr.T.SubhaVoice And Speech Recognition In Tamil Language201741025772Under Examination